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Before/After Results

When you begin your analysis, the Before/After Analyzer will aggregate and transform your data based on the configuration settings you set, and will then run a 2-sided t-test on the data.

When your results are ready, you'll get a screen that shows you a bar chart comparing the mean value for your two datasets, as well as several different statistics below your graph, which will help you understand how significant the differences are.

Before/After Results


The bar chart shows you the two metric values calculated from your data and your settings, the timeframe used to construct the metrics, and the total number of records used to calculate each value (refered to as N, and displayed right below each bar in the chart).


Below the chart, you'll see a section that contains various statistics. You'll see the average values for your metrics once more, as well as the standard deviation for both sets of data. At the end, you'll see the p-value for the the t-test that was performed, and will see a message indicating if your results were statistically significantly different at a p-value of 0.05.

Grouped Results

If you configured a breakdown column, your output will be slightly different than what's seen above. You'll still have a bar chart and a row with statistics, but they will only reflect the results of one group at a time. You can select a new group with the drop down selector at the bottom left.

Grouped Before/After Results

Edit Axis

When your results appear, you can set the Y-Axis min and max by clicking the button at the top right of the chart labeled "EDIT AXIS"