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Comparison of Averages Analyzer

The Comparison of Averages analyzer allows you to easily run a simple 2-sided t-test on two columns in your data. You can save and load your analyses, and you can add them to your dashboards, using the buttons at the top of the page.

Configuring A New Analysis

To run an analysis, you'll need to specify the two columns that you want to compare. When you start a new analysis, you'll be brought to an empty screen that prompts to you to open the configuration panel.

Empty Comparison of Averages Analysis

Selecting your columns

When you click on the "Configure" link or button, you'll be brought to a screen that will prompt you to select the two columns you would like to compare. These should be numerical columns that contain all of the values to be used in your analysis. Each column can have a different number of records.

Comparison of Averages Column Selection


Once you've selected your columns, the analyzer will automatically begin running your 2-sided t-test. Once your results are ready, you'll see them presented on the page as a bar chart, which compares the two averages visually, along with a section for additional statistics below the bars.

Comparison of Averages Results

The first bar will reflect the average value from your first dataset, and the second will reflect the average value from the second dataset. At the bottom, you'll see your t-statistic, p-value, and an indication of whether your results are statistically significant at a p-value of 0.05.