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Connecting Data

Connecting data to your workspace is the first step towards making the most of your workspace. Before you can create a visualization, run an analysis, or create a predictor, you need to connect data.

Since data can exist in any number of formats and sources, we've created several different data connectors to help you easily import data. Different data connectors require different configuration settings to enable them to replicate data. For example, the CSV data connector lets you easily upload a CSV file, while the Postgres data connector requires you to enter several credentials to connect to your database system.

Certain data connectors allow you to select individual tables or datasets that you would like to replicate. This allows you to exclude sensitive or irrelevant datasets that you do not want to replicate.

When you connect a new data source to your workspace and it has finished replicating data, all members of your workspace will receive an email. When you refresh an existing data source, you'll receive an email notification.

Refreshing Data

When you connect data to Apteo, we take a snapshot of your data at that point in time and replicate it to our data warehouse using an encrypted channel. All analyses, visualizations, and predictions on the platform are then performed on that snapshot. In order to get an updated snapshot of data, you'll need to periodically refresh your dataset. Free workspaces can refresh their data by clicking the Refresh button on their datasets, within the data source details page, as seen below.

Refresh Data Source Details

You can also refresh individual visualizations and components by using the refresh button at the top right:

The system will send you an email when it has finished refreshing your data.

Data Sources

Apteo supports a variety of different sources, including files, databases, and APIs, and we're constantly building in support for additional sources. Below, you can find instructions for how to connect data from the existing list of data sources we support.