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Core Concepts

Connecting data to your workspace is the first step to creating a productive and informative workspace.


Workspaces are the central location for a team's dashboards, data, and analytics. They form the foundation of the Apteo platform. All workspaces must be created by registered user. The creator of a workspace becomes the owner of that workspace, the owner can then add additional users, assigning them different permissions based on their roles. Owners and administrators have the same permissions on a workspace.

Workspaces can be public to anyone that contains a link to the workspace, or they can be private to its members. All free workspaces are public to anyone with the link.

Connecting Data

In order to use the Apteo platform, you must connect data to your workspace. When you add a new data source, you connect that data source to a workspace, and can any data that you select to integrate with Apteo will then be replicated to the Apteo data warehouse. That data source is now connected to platform.


A dashboard is a page on a workspace that contains a layout for workspace components. They help users organize and aggregate similar content and they provide users with a single screen to consolidate similar groups of content. Users that have edit privileges or higher can rename dashboards. Every workspace has a Home dashboard by default.


Components are containers that can be placed on dashboards and are used to present content. They can contain visualizations, analyses, and rich text/images.


Members are assigned one of several different permissions on a workspace. A member's permission level dictates what that member is allowed to do on a workspace.


Every workspace contains a link to an "Explore" page, which lets them visualize their data.

Data Visualization

A graph or table of data.


The Apteo platform makes it easy for you to build a predictive model from your data. When a model is trained, you can use it to estimate the value of a KPI based on known values of your data. The process of estimating this value is known as "prediction".


Users can be members of a workspace. Every member is assigned a permission level by a workspace's Owners and Administrators. This permission level determines what users can do on a workspace.