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Explore Overview

The Explore tab allows you to set up charts, graphs, and tables with a simple point-and-click interface. It's designed to make it easy to select your metrics, set your axes, filter your data, and change your chart visualizations.

Screen Layout

Header Section

At the top of every Explore screen, you'll find several buttons:

  • Save: Allows you to save any visualization that you create
  • Load: Allows you to load or delete a saved visualization on your workspace
  • Refresh: Allows you to refresh a saved visualization with updated data (this button is only visible for saved visualizations)
  • Add to Dashboard: Allows you to add a visualization to a dashboard, and will automatically save a visualization if it has not been saved yet

Content Section

The content area is set up in two main sections, the visualization panel and the configuration panel.

Empty Explore Screen

The visualization panel displays the results of any visualization that you configure, while the configuration panel allows you to specify how a visualization should be constructed.

Creating a New Visualization

To learn about how to set up a new visualization, see our documentation on Configuring a New Visualization

Changing A Visualization

To learn about how to change display settings like Y-Axis titles and increments, see our documentation on Changing a Visualization


To learn about how to add overlays onto an existing visualization, see our documentation on Overlays