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Changing A Visualization

Once you've successfully created a visualization, you can modify various display settings to configure it to how you need it to look. All of the settings you see on this page become available once a visualization appears on your screen, and they are all applicable to charts and graphs (but not tables).

Visualization Title

To set the title of a visualization, you can simply type in the text box where the placeholder says "Name your visualization".

Axes Titles and Increments

To edit the visualization's axes titles and increments, click on the "Edit Chart" button at the top right of the chart.

Edit Chart

This brings up a panel that lets you set various fields, including axes titles, and the minimum and maximum values for both axes.

Visualization Type

When you have a single overlay (these are described on our Overlays page), you can quickly change the chart type using our chart configuration section at the top right of the configuration panel.

Clicking on any of "LINE", "BAR", or "TABLE" will allow you to immediately change your chart type.

Visualization Color

You can change the color of the visualization by clicking on the button labeled "AXIS AND COLOR". This will bring up another panel that lets you change the color, which you can do by clicking on the colored circle that appears in the panel.

Change Color